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Floor to ceiling Traco U Value double insulated windows increase natural light and reduce noise pollution.

Convenient in-house recycling facilities

Green roof rainwater recovery reduces potable water use.

Green roof provides natural insulation and reduces "heat island effect."

Low-rise area maximizes use of natural light.

Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) control minimizes exposure of residents to ETS

In-suite controls for adjusting room environment

No/low flow refrigerants in refrigerators and air conditioners

Wind-generated electricity use can avoid the release of 5723 pounds of carbon dioxide per year per household

Advanced water conservation fixtures, faucets, and appliances reduce potable water consumption

Reduction or elimination of heavy metals used in appliances

FSC certified 4-inch solid white oak floors

high-efficiency Daikin HVAC systems eliminate boiler use

Low/no VOC paints sealants and coatings eliminate allergenic and odor based irritants

State of the art wellness center features fitness and spa facilities

Walking distance to 10 subway lines (4, 5, 6, N, R, D, W,L, F, V)

Fresh air is delivered into the hallways and common areas to improve air quality

In-building bicycle storage

Discount parking for hybrid vehicles nearby

Lobby heated and cooled with geo-thermal energy

organic store/eateries and parks within walking distance

Contact the sales office at 212 675 5311 or sales@311e11.com.
Exclusive Marketing and Sales Agent: Corcoran Group Marketing

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